Find Joy and Healing Serving the Lord



When we find joy and healing serving the Lord, we also find meaning and purpose.

  • Discover Gods love for you
  • Give your life solely to Him
  • Get plugged into a ministry of service
  • Allow Him to change your life
  • Discover the Spiritual Gifts that God has for you.


Our Core Values


Worship is more than a song we sing – more than a service we attend. It’s the life we live every day for Him.

Honor the Word

We study preach and teach the bible in its entirety. As we put His word first in our lives, we become more like Him and less of the world.

Freedom of Worship

We believe in the life changing and worship leading power of the Holy Spirit. The same Spirit that changes us for Him, is also able to minister to us during worship. 


We seek to foster life-giving community that inspires and empowers people to be agents of positive change through a growing, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.


We boldly share our passion for God, through the birth, life, death & resurrection of Jesus Christ, and reconciliation through His blood. We hold nothing back as we worship Jesus with all our hearts and intentionally sow His love, grace and truth into the lives of others.


All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We live in a world of many different cultures; therefore, we believe in the importance of reaching and loving all people.


We lead by example, serving one another. No task is too small or too great. We bring a positive attitude to each opportunity to serve all for the glory of God.


We are imperfect people, living in a fallen world, therefore, we believe God wants us to help people. We believe in fresh starts, in getting back up again, in new mercies, and in the deep healing power of walking with the Lord Jesus Christ within a loving community of His people. 


God has been so good to us, we want to be a blessing to others. Our Father loves a joyful giver. There are more ways to give than just monetarily. We give of our love, time, gifts and talents. All belong to Him


We strive for excellence by giving our best to Him and one another in everything we do.  God is deserving of our very best.


The joy of the Lord is our strength. We believe that life goes better with joy and laughter, that God’s joy is our strength, and that laughter does the heart good like a medicine.


Once you have decided to give your heart to the Lord, we believe it is important to be baptized (submerged in water). This is an outward showing, that your life has been changed. You are now a new person in Christ and your sins have been washed away. We have regular baptism services scheduled on the yearly calendar. See Pastor Rodney if you are interested or if you have questions.