Our Beginnings In Lexington

Our History
The local congregation in Lexington, NC was established in the home of Jerry Watkins in 1929 by Rev. J.M. Snider. The church then from one store front building to a larger store building until 1935.
A Lindsey 2Mrs. Annie Lindsey came to Lexington to host a revival. She was convinced to remain the church as their pastor. During this period of growth the congregation was able to build their first stand alone Church on Holt Street around 1935. Mrs. Annie Lindsey pictured here with her husband John R. Lindsey. 
WC LambertIn 1947 Rev. WC Lambert became Pastor and the church built a new Church Home on 7th Avenue. During the churches time on 7th Avenue the congregation experienced growth and hosted great revivals.
BoydDue to great growth and revival soon the church would again need to expand. In 1972 under the Pastoral care of Milan Boyd once again a new sanctuary would be  constructed. This is the home of our current facility at 804 West 4th Avenue. 
We are thankful to have been blessed at the Lexington church. Our church has been given a long list of accomplished minister families and lay leaders along with church members that have contributed to the churches longstanding success within the local community. Over the course of 85 years God has blessed the church moving from the original home all the way to our current location on West 4th Avenue.


How The Church of God Was Established

Ten years after the organizational meeting, a revival at the Shearer Schoolhouse in nearby Camp Creek, North Carolina, introduced the doctrine of sanctification to the community.  Opposition to this doctrine led to severe persecution, but a spirit of revival prevailed and the Holiness believers experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that included speaking in tongues and divine healing.  Such experiences prepared the way for the explosion of the Pentecostal movement in the early twentieth century. Under the leadership of our first General Overseer, A. J. Tomlinson, the Church of God adopted a centralized form of Church government with an inclusive International General Assembly (1906), launched a world evangelization effort beginning in the Bahamas (1909), inaugurated the Church of God Evangel (1910), and established educational opportunities for ministers and members (1918).  Today Church of God ministries include more than 7 million members in 178 nations and territories.  Some 36,000 congregations serve around the world, while regional and international ministries provide resources and support through our divisions of World Evangelization, Care, Discipleship, Education, and Support Services.   For further information on the history of the Church God, see Living the Word: 125 Years of Church of God Ministry and Like A Mighty Army, both of which are available through Pathway Bookstore. Additional historical resources are at the Dixon Pentecostal Research Center.